Alternator Cooling


Unless you have a dedicated air-conditioned engine room, your high output alternator will benefit from adding a cooling fan that supplies (EXTERNAL) outside air directly to the alternator cooling fan intake. This will provide higher sustained alternator output and a longer life expectancy due to cooler operating temperatures. We have observed a 10 - 25 % increase in amperage output towards the maximum capacity of the alternator. The number is variable due to the pre-existing temperature and cooling available in the engine room prior to this "accessory" being installed.

Special Note: ZRD manufactured High Output Alternators have a dedicated, engineered, cooler running design that lowers the alternator temperature apx. 35 degrees compared to other alternators brands. This ensures longer life, higher output, and better performance.

Example of Alternator Cooling Fan

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Note: The air intake is at the rear of the alternator (pointing forward in this installation) and exits from the alternator's front (pointing aft towards the engine).
  Example of Alternator Cooling

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Note:Depending on whether this sailor is supplying or exhausting air, the air hose could be on the wrong side of the alternator and he may not realize it. Normally air enters the rear of an alternator and exits from the fan in the front. Intentions are only good if done properly.

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