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When one is considering ZRD and its products, one needs to contemplate the following and keep it resident in their thoughts;
"When looking at those items in life that provoke a fear of change and sometimes even make one tremble, embrace that fear with open arms and run forward with full force. What one meets on the other side is usually truly rewarding exceeding all expectations."

Below are some actual customer comments (in no special order) that we have received over the many years of providing dedicated customer solutions. Our solutions are designed and manufactured by a cruiser for cruisers. We do not need to say anything. Our customers speak for us. As many say, "ZRD is proud of the products they make and the services they provide; that's why you'll find ZRD craftsmanship in everything they manufacture." Are we proud of our work and services that we provide to our customers, "You Betcha!"

On the ZRD Genset Product Web Page (click here to view) are two videos that have a customer's comments. One is after installation of his ZRD DC GEnset and even more significantly is the video with his comments after cruising with his ZRD DC Genset as his main (almost only) source of electrucal power for 6 months!

• John, We are half way across the Indian Ocean ... I'm pleased to report that the 12vdc genset has been working great, it is our primary source of power and it has been doing a great job of meeting our power requirements. ... I have added one supply fan and two exhaust fans and am running the regulator at BLM of 6. We have great power to recharge our batteries and are able to use our AC-powered watermaker through an inverter. Even after 3 hours of run time the alt temp is never greater than 58 deg Celsius. The 30 gph watermaker only needs to be run every two or three days ... this has been a very workable arrangement!
• Our ZRD DC Genset has worked perfect ... 61.9 hrs so far. Combined with your simplification of our electrical system, it has made all previous problems we normally encounter while cruising non-existent. It has definitely exceeded expectations!
• After spending a lot of money to keep the Fisher Panda generator running we replaced it with a 220 amp ZRD generator which has worked flawlessly.
• During yearly extended cruise, Prior to purchase? - Ohhhhh , I wish I had a ZRD 12V Genset!
• Your DC Genset should receive an Oscar-equivalent. This is by far the most advanced and logical system I have seen anyone bring forward.
• My installer thinks your DC Genset is beautiful. Well-made and glistening. 'Can't wait to see and use it.
• Hi John - Received ... and it is very nice! ... a very elegant assembly. Your work is very precise - so much so ... Thanks for the great work - My Best.
• Hello John - I met you at the Miami boat show. I had sailed my boat there and have not been able to get your DC gen set out of my mind. It is a great product with unlimited possibilities. Currently, I crew on many yachts ... All of my boating associates I have shown your product to are very impressed.
• ... I have passed your name and our delight with your genset to several members of the XXXX Cruising Club. In particular our experience of calling your support line with a question, receiving a thorough, non-rushed explanation of possibilities .... and then followed up by a complete e-mail recap of the discussion, recommend action ... This is one of the finest and most thorough demonstration of customer service I have encountered.
• I found your website today & just wanted to comment on what a great source of information it is for anybody wanting to fit a high powered alternator to their engine.
• Hi Ya, there is more room than with my old engine, I even like getting in the engine room now! As far as the engine goes, it fits very well on its new mounts, it has been aligned with drive shaft and there is even more space between the HO alternator and the bulkhead than I expected.
• Thanks John ... That was quick, Much appreciated
• Hi John ... Can't wait to see what's in the box.
• Hi John. I lost track of you for a while until today when I was sitting here in my boat in Australia using the wireless internet. Glad you are still there. Thanks in part to you, we arrived.
• Thanks for your help and excellent service. Depending on my schedule, I'll see you in Annapolis or Miami.
• We will be passing through Titusville on our way back north and I have several questions. If we stop at a marina nearby can you install a new battery and check our charging system?
• Ok thanks again for everything, if you get a chance to send me some business cards I will give them out when I am with other cruisers!
• The pulley is awesome, was impressed!
• Hi John, just want to let you know that I received your package last night. Once I get to installing it I'll let you know how I made out. Thanks a lot for your help and professionalism.
• Thanks John, I look forward to the shipment and doing business in the future. I'll let you know how it all works and you will receive a pic when I get it all installed.
• Hello I'm in the process of preparing my boat for an extended open end cruise to the tropics and need your assistance in designing an efficient charging system. It's a ... with a ... Universal Diesel. It has an inadequate 55amp alt. and worthless battery bank. Please help. Hope to hear from you
• Well, We made it to St Lucia from Cape Cod in fine shape. The alternator greatly reduced our charge time and yes, I do wish I had more amp storage capacity.
• We met last Feb. when I drove up to Titusville to pick up ... for an installation. You were a great help in the design - thanks again for that.
• Aloha John, The package arrived on Friday as promised. All in good order. Thanks.
• Good news, I received the package from you this morning! Your packaging job survived the abuses of travel admirably! I am delighted with your bracket!!
• John, It was nice to meet you - really appreciate the energy and skill you have put into the project.
• We arrived safely in Cape Town and your lovely artwork (alternators) are in bonded storage while the completed.
• Thanks for all your advice and support John, I really appreciate it.
• We are considering moving up to a larger sailboat or maybe a ... trawler within the next 2 years. I will for sure call upon your expertise and services when that time comes to make sure the electrical system in that boat makes sense and is done right.
• Thanks for the update, and I'm really looking forward to installing this.
• I will be happy to order the complete package from you. I have no doubt about the level of service you provide to your customers and non-customers.
• I received the alternator package today on schedule. Everything looks great, exactly as expected. I will be sure to contact you with any questions during installation but so far everything makes sense to me.
• The new alternator is installed and operational, putting out plenty of charge current even at very low engine speeds. It is really great, exactly what I needed.
• The alternator is running great, best charge on the batteries I have ever had!
• Thanks for your comments; I'll take it into consideration.
• We want to thank you for the first rate service and your competitive pricing. Again, Thank You.
• John, OK. One of those hard lessons. If I had installed the regulator above the floor as you suggested I would have at least saved it from the salt water.
• Hi John, I finished yesterday. Everything works great. I figured out the tach and the alarm wires and they worked perfectly. I added the switch as you suggested for the regulator. I found a great switch that lights up, placed it in a small project box from Radio Shack. I think it came out excellent. It is amazing how marginal the system was before. All of the pumps, heater and lights are all more efficient and brighter. The shore power charger works perfect. Thank you for all of your help.
• John, we are not able to say thanks enough. Your willingness to meet us on the ICW, diagnose the problem and provide a wonderful solution was priceless.
• Hello John, we are still working on our circumnavigation and your equipment still works flawlessly as you described. Thanks for the meticulous detail and quality control that has enabled us to travel trouble free.

Actual event - Not a customer, but they wished they had been.

Many emails and phone calls during a three week discussion between ZRD and a well-known marine architect and custom boat builder regarding adding a second High Output (dual) Alternator to the vessel they were constructing. It was determined by ZRD that their design did not allow for adding a second High Output (dual) Alternator. Simply, there was no room. They had designed and constructed the aft berths too large reducing the engine room size. Because they had already neared completion of construction, they opted to do nothing - or so ZRD was told. There was no more contact ... then, after nothing for a year and a half ... ZRD receives a phone call that sounds familiar to the previous three week discussion. After talking to the potential customer on the other end of the line for a few minutes, he finally admits that he originally contacted ZRD a year and a half ago ... So why the new call? Well, apparently, their customer is complaining (recently took delivery) that their boat has tremendous vibration problems ... Guess what? The marine architect and custom boat builder decided to attach the second High Output (dual) alternator directly on the ship's hull! This is a true case of "DUH". At the end of the conversation, they wished that they had contacted ZRD prior to starting their project, not after the fact. ZRD does "magic" sometimes, but we are not miracle workers. Too often, we hear, " I wish I had contacted ZRD a year ago before I went down the wrong path and spent all this money on the wrong design." BTW, this $multi-million custom yacht and owner are now currently cruising with only the original OEM single small amperage alternator.

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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