ZRD is a Certified US Freight Forwarder


Below are two maps showing United States estimated UPS ground delivery times. The map on the left shows delivery times from our location in Florida to your selected US delivery destination. The map on the right shows the transit time from your US shipping location to ZRD. Aside from any irregularities, you may normally expect to receive delivery of your order in the amount of time shown below once we receive payment. Expedited handling may also be arranged.

Estimated UPS Ground Transit times from Florida

Outbound from ZRD to You
  Estimated UPS Ground Transit times inbound to ZRD

Inbound to ZRD

ZRD - Experienced and Certified US freight forwarder for Worldwide delivery As a Certified US Freight Forwarder, ZRD is able to ship our products directly to you worldwide - including many locations others are unable to serve. ZRD offers this service to our customers without delays, remarkable speed, and at a very reasonable price. Contact us for full details.


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