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ZRD High Output Alternators

(Various Sizes, Mounting styles, Voltage, Amperage, and Regulation)

In order to not miss anything, ZRD put all of this valuable information on one contiguous web page. Ensure you view everything until reaching page bottom - take your time.   It is important to present a lot of information in one place in order to see the OVERALL BIG PICTURE, how items relate to each other, and not miss something important that may apply to your specific situation or needs. First, High Output Second (dual) Alternators are discussed, then High Output Mounting Brackets, Engine Attachment, Start Battery, Single and/or Dual Alternator Charging Solutions, External Regulators, and Special Products like Digital Duo Charge (DDC) and Centerfielder. Do not forget to view the link for DC Generators from the home page or you may click here.

ZRD designed and manufactured solutions fit almost every engine / vessel / installation combination possible. The ZRD design does not restrict its installation to only one engine manufacturer or a few as some others do due to the limited nature of their design. Also, it is not restricted to a limited small subset of their available models. There are no restrictions with ZRD designed and manufactured solutions - If you have the room, ZRD solutions are the preferred design. If you do not have the room, regardless of manufacturer, you will probably not be able to install a high output second alternator. There are numerous products to cover many varied scenarios, especially dual alternator installations. Please email or contact us if you do not see the exact product (if you already know what you need) you are looking for. Our technical team will assist you in selecting the proper solution to fit your needs. We are constantly adding products to our listing. Whether your engine is a Bukh, Caterpillar, Chrysler, Crusader, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Farymann, Flagship, GMC, Greymarine, Hawk Marine, Hino, Indmar, Isuzu, John Deere, Kubota, Lehman (Ford or Sabre), Lugger, MAN, Mercedes, Mercruiser, Mitsubishi, MTU, Nanni, OMC, Pathfinder, Perkins, Pleasurecraft, Sisu, Universal, Volvo, Westerbeke, Yanmar, or any other, we have an alternator solution for you.   Install a High Output Alternator yourself with our guidance, expertise, and assistance!

ZRD manufactures Dual (second) Alternator TSPs
enabling you to attach a ZRD manufactured 220 amp externally regulated High Output Alternator on

ZRD manufactures alternators in various sizes, mounting styles, voltage output, amperage output, and regulation style (internal or external). ZRD alternators are available in 12vdc (50 to 300+ amps) and 24vdc (58 to 90 amps).

The ZRD 94 amp Direct Replacement High Output Alternator was designed for situations that need to charge battery banks up to around 500-650 AH in size. ZRD's 94 amp Direct Replacement High Output Alternator was designed to enable the max amperage output allowed by engine manufacturers in the Single or Installed engine location. Any amount over this, usually exceeds most manufacturers' specifications (for side loading) resulting in warranties being voided, excessive belt and pulley wear, belt slippage, overheating, and premature failure of bearings. These smaller case style alternators (Direct Replacement High Output Alternators designed as a one for one swap on your current or new engine) are discussed in the Start Battery, Single and/or Dual Alternator Charging System Solutions below.

AH (amp hour) needs above 650 dictate a ZRD Second High Output Alternator Solution as the perfect answer. For those that are in this situation and require Second Alternator High Output Alternator Charging Solutions, ZRD manufactured High Output Marine Alternators, High Output Alternator Mounting Bracket, and High Output Alternator Engine Attachment, a discussion follows. A dedicated link to a discussion on Pulleys is provided separately. A Matched set of Alternator and Power Take Off (PTO) pulleys is required when attaching a Second Marine High Output Alternator (Dual Alternators) to your specific engine. Regulation and Remote Location charging is discussed at the bottom of this page.

High Output (Dual) Alternators

ZRD manufactured 220 amp externally regulated High Output Alternator ZRD manufactured 220 amp externally regulated High Output Alternator ZRD manufactured 220 amp externally regulated High Output Alternator  

Without exception, above is the best High Output Alternator available. It is the ZRD manufactured ZCCJE1222 (High Output 12vdc, 220amp) Alternator. A 24 volt 90 amp version (ZCCJE2409) is also available. It has been developed over years of real world field experience and use of High Output Alternators. Significant lessons learned over the years have been incorporated into ZRD design and manufacture of our High Output Alternators. Some of them are highlighted below. Also, do not miss the consolidated video clips that are available for your viewing that were taken from a ZRD instructional installation video. Press the play button in the blue video box below.

Highest Output Rating (full 220amps) available in a Large Case Frame
• Alternator runs at a Cooler Operating Temperature) with Higher Output
    • Selectable, Directional, Increased Cooling
    • Larger and Additional Cooling Air Entrance
• High Output Rectifier Bridge
• Heavy Duty Diodes
• Oversized Double Sealed Bearings
• Robust Frames
• Higher RPM Operating limits
    • 8,500 Max Continuous RPM
    • 10,000 Max Intermittent RPM
• Stainless Steel Mounting, Adjustment, and Case bolts
• Individual Hand Powder Coated Case and Cooling Fan
• Extra Capacity Attachment Screws (+ and -)
• Choice of Double Sheave or Serpentine Pulley installation as N/C extra
• Lower Cost
Total System Includes: Custom ZRD ZCCJE1222 High Output Alternator package, Totally Adjustable Mounting Bracket, External 3-stage Regulator with harness, All Temperature Sensors - Alternator and Battery, Spike Protector, Remote Switch Assembly, 4" Duct Fan, and UPS ground shipping.
2019 Pricing Sill Honored:
    List Price $3,866.88       Discounted Price $3,151.32
• Possible additional required items: Belt(s), PTO, Engine support angle iron, Wiring.
ZRD ZCCJE1222 Alternator mounted in ZRD Bracket ZRD ZBDJI1216 Alternator mounted in ZRD Bracket Extremely large Balmar series 98 alternator mounted in a dedicated ZRD series 98 bracket

Pictured above, are a few of the High Output Alternators ZRD manufactures and retails. All of the alternators are mounted in ZRD manufactured mounting bracketry. Starting on the left, is a ZRD manufactured ZCCJE1222 (High Output 12vdc, 220amp) Alternator. Next, is the ZBDJI1216 Spare, Back Up, High Output Alternator that is Internally Regulated and produces up to 190 amps. The last alternator is a Balmar Series 98 that requires a dedicated, special, extremely robust bracket and dedicated adjustment arm due to the higher loads imparted on the engine. All of the other High Output Alternators may use the ZRD manufactured heavy duty bracket allowing for the attachment of a dual 4" foot (marine industry J180 mount) High Output Alternator to the engine of your choice. With a second ZRD High Output Alternator installed, a source of DC power is assured (see link on DC Charging Philosophy).
ZCCJE1222 Amperage Output Curve
Click to Enlarge

Above is an output curve for a ZCCJE1222.   Note: Bottom scale is alternator rpm, not engine rpm.   Most alternator/engine ratios are higher than 2 to 1. Divide the alternator rpm shown above by a value between 2.5 to 2.0 to estimate your engine's equivalent rpm. A customer specific output graph is done for EVERY purchase and installation to ensure both engine and alternator proper matching, loading, and output.

Link 1000 displaying 229 amp output   The photo on the left shows a customer's ZRD ZCCJE1222 High Output Alternator's output that he happened to capture (and forward to ZRD) on his cell phone one morning. On that particular day, he said that the output reached in excess of 248 amps, but he was not able to get his camera ready until much later. The instrument doing the measurement was a Xantrex Link 1000 that is known for its accuracy. You may notice that the charge light is off showing that the output is from the alternator and not the battery charger - not to mention, no standard battery charger on the market is capable of producing in excess of 155 amps. Also, there are two yellow lights on showing that the battery bank is discharged, but not completely. We instruct customers to set their lights so that the yellow lights come on when the battery bank is 40% discharged. The red lights are set to come on at a 50% discharge state.

Sail Green Its unmatched output will truly assist your efforts to go GREEN. Longer, more usable battery run time, reduce generator requirement and operation. Green Battery Recharge while under relocation instead of at anchor. ZRD has been specializing in the design and installation of environmentally friendly equipment for years - before it became the 'latest popular thing to do'.

High Output Alternator Mounting Brackets

Pictured at right is a ZRD High Output 220 Amp Alternator installed in a ZRD designed, evolved, and manufactured mounting bracket. It allows for the attachment of a dual 4" foot alternator to the engine of your choice (marine industry J180 Mount - marine alternator bracket). The middle picture shows a ZRD mounting bracket being used with a Custom-Tailored, Specialized, ZRD Alternator Pulley installed. The ZRD mounting bracket also serves as the belt tensioning device for the alternator and another pulley powered mechanism that may be included as part of a multi-functional installed solution. This may include items such as a pump or compressor. Its' universal design allows it to be attached to any engine. The far right picture is a link to a larger photo showing air being supplied via a 3" duct fan and flex duct. The air is Externally Sourced fresh air instead of ambient HOT engine room air. When combining the removal of hot engine room air and sourcing fresh outside air, proper Alternator Cooling will be ensured.

Single 1" and 2" foot and most (low amperage) 3.15" dual foot alternator models, regardless of manufacturer, are designed as replacements for existing engine alternators or are specifically designed for direct engine attachment. They need to be kept at the low amperage level (less than 95 amps) so that the attachment point (foot), water pump, or bearings will not fail. The J180 (dual 4" foot) mount ensures even loading and prevents attachment failures. ZRD's bracket geometry allows for each alternator's unique full movement ensuring proper belt tensioning and provides rigidity in the correct planes to ensure structural reliability. An initial view will show the bracket's concise design, but many hours of research, multiple development, and attention to many details were required to produce the desired functional result. Many subtle required details will become obvious during installation.
    ZRD ZCCJE1222 Alternator mounted in ZRD Bracket Series 95 Balmar Alternator mounted in ZRD Bracket Alternator with external cooling air supplied
Click to enlarge

70 second video - If your browser supports playing videos (If using IE - Ensure Compatibility Mode (in Tools tab) is Turned OFF , Press the play button (inside blue video box) to view a few short clips taken from a ZRD instructional installation video. Load time depends on your internet connection speed.
NEW   Special Optional Turnbuckle Adjustment Arm
Pictured to the right is our custom designed, engineered, and manufactured turnbuckle adjustment arm. It is used ILO (instead of) a standard adjustment arm. It was custom designed to fit our mounting brackets, but will fit many applications. Locking nuts prevent adjustment from coming loose. It may be as small as 5.5" when closed from eye hole to eye hole center. There is apx. 1.5" of adjustment - more than most needs. If you need more, you need a new belt!

It is not required due to the unique design of our High Output Alternator mounting brackets, but it is a very desirable option for some - especially those with poor hand strength. A simple 9/16" wrench allows easy fine tune adjustment of your alternator belt (Dual-V or Serpentine).
Option Price $350       Discounted Price $275
  Turnbuckle Adjustment Arm

Engine Attachment
Sometimes, there is a bit of a misunderstanding on this item. The engine attachment is a separate item required for the alternator/bracket assembly mentioned above. It needs to be custom fit for each installation as every boat is built differently and has a variety of propulsion options. Its' only purpose is to provide a stable platform that moves with the engine for mounting the bracket assembly. There are a multitude of techniques and we provide guidance on design for all engines. Normally, it is a simple inexpensive item usually constructed from angle iron (preferred) or tubing.

The pictures at right show a High Output Alternator installed on ZRD bracketry on two different engine manufacturers (top - Yanmar 4JH3, bottom - Westerbeke 63C4) using similar, but specific engine attachment techniques. Engine attachment (stable base support) variations are due to the many engine and vessel configurations. There may be items such as filters, pumps, hoses, or other components that end up as obstructions. We provide assistance to yourself or the installation source by suggesting a variety of methods that may solve your situation. The on-site installation source must make diligent measurements and will be the ultimate authority that makes the final decision. ZRD's continued efforts for improvement has simplified this process to a new ease. Our newest brackets have milled slots standard that allow for a very simple one-time alignment of the ZRD bracket onto the 3" angle iron (platform) during installation.
  U shaped Engine Attachment with Balmar series 95 alternator mounted in ZRD Bracket on a Yanmar 4JH3
"U" shaped EA on a
Yanmar 4JH3

L shaped Engine Attachment with Balmar series 95 alternator mounted in ZRD Bracket on a Westerbeke 63C4
"L" shaped EA on a
Westerbeke 63C4

  For Planning Purposes

Take Note   In the two pictures (above to the right), the center of the alternator pulley to the center of the crankshaft PTO pulley is approximately 8.5". This will yield a distance of 4" from the edge of the alternator pulley to the edge of the crankshaft PTO pulley.
The alternator may be moved closer to the PTO, but the greater the distance between will result in the best belt adjustment and tensioning. The diameter of the alternator in a horizontal direction is 5.75". In a vertical direction, the diameter is 9.25".

If you create a cardboard box (pictures to the right - Top & Bottom), apx. 9" wide, 8" deep, 9" high and place it where the alternator is to be installed, you will determine if you have enough room to install a second high output alternator. Note that the alternator pulley and the crankshaft PTO pulley will overlap vertically in a bow to stern direction. By placing the bottom inside edge of the box directly against the existing engine crankshaft pulley you will be in the correct position for prefit checking. In the picture to the right - top), you will see a properly attached ZRD ZCCJE1222 High Output Alternator (220 amps, 12vdc) installed with a ZRD custom 8-Groove Serpentine PTO Pulley with a box over it with the required dimensions needed. In the picture to the right - bottom), this person has the box slightly too high and already has a 3 sheave (groove) PTO installed instead of a 2 sheave or serpentine pulley. For proper placement, the bottom edge of the box should be on the horizontal plane of the future engine attachment platform (3" angle iron).

The actual volume required may be less in any given direction because you are using a rigid 3 dimensional object to check and the completed alternator mounted in the bracket is not solid in all directions. There is some free volume to work with (especially in the outboard top and bottom corner positions), but it is impossible to determine without an onsite check. You may send us a photo to allow us aid in this determination. We will be glad to work with you N/C before anything is purchased.
Sample Box on Engine to check for room to mount second alternator

Sample Box on Engine to check for room to mount second alternator
Put Your Engine HereTM
Special Note:
The more room available in the depth (greater than 8 inches) the better the alternator output (higher amperage) and cooling (lower case temperature) will be.

The first picture on the right shows one of two 500hp Yanmar diesels installed on a custom 57' motor yacht. They are the main source of all system power and accessories. Each provides a source of 12vdc, 24vdc, 120vac, and hydraulics. A ZRD bracket is attached below the aft accessory power take off pulley.

The pictures on the center far right shows a Balmar series 98 alternator mounted in a custom dedicated ZRD series 98 only bracket described above. It comes with a custom dedicated series 98 only adjustment arm. The bracket is extremely robust to handle all possible loading. If you look closely, you will see a ZRD custom alternator serpentine pulley that will be matched to the custom serpentine crankshaft PTO pulley shown in the picture on the far right.
Directly mounted Balmar series 97 alternator using ZRD Bracketry multi-faceted alignment

Directly mounted alternator using the multi-faceted alignment features that are standard on ZRD bracketry
Extremely large Balmar series 98 alternator mounted in a dedicated ZRD series 98 bracket   serpentine PTO pulley
Click on either Alternator or Pulley to enlarge

Extremely large (size, wt, output) Balmar series 98 alternator mounted in a dedicated ZRD series 98 bracket and its' associated serpentine PTO pulley.

As noted earlier and displayed in the variety of sample installation pictures shown above, the ZRD alternator mounting bracket's universal design allows for a myriad of installation types, possibilities, and tensioning. Limits are only self-imposed beyond the small amount of space required. You should feel reassured to be choosing a ZRD solution.

Full detail, electrical system design / modification as necessary, and phone support during installation (some mentioned above) is provided free of charge with a system purchase. Our product line and service is unbeatable and the most cost effective on the market, especially when compared to unknowledgeable, non-productive, or overpriced sources.

The specifications shown below may be used as a guide in determining clearances (fit) for your particular installation. Additional items that may (probably) be needed for a correct installation are PTO (power take off pulley), wiring, modification of switching, and 3" angle iron as mentioned above.

Start Battery, Single and/or Dual Alternator Charging System Solutions

On the right, are pictures of ZRD High Output Alternators (smaller case size) used in Single (Only) or Dual Alternator (Start and House) Installations. This particular Hitachi / Nippondenso direct replacement comes in two versions. One version is internally regulated and designed as a direct replacement for a Yanmar supplied Hitachi / Nippondenso alternator. The other version is also a direct replacement that has been modified to allow for 3 stage external regulation. Both have 12vdc 94amp output. With this higher output, a smaller vessel with a single alternator charging system (unable to install a second high output alternator charging solution) is provided much needed amperage output. Also, those that do have a two alternator charging solution, this High Output Start Battery Alternator allows a nice, temporary, short term, back-up solution should a rare electrical malfunction occur.   ZRD OEM Replacement Alternators 1, 2, and 3inch - Internal and External Regulation

ZRD 12vdc - 94amp, 24 volt - 50amp, 1", 2", 3.15" mounts, Internal and External Regulation. You may click on the picture above or here to see additional details on these alternators - such as their output curves.

For post OEM warranty applications, a 12vdc 120 & 140amp versions are available with a Special Order.
Hitachi / Nippondenso replacement alternator installed on a Yanmar JH series engine - 3 inch Mount, modified to allow Three Stage External regulation

Put Your Engine HereTM

The picture above shows a ZRD ZCW3E1210 Hitachi / Nippondenso direct replacement alternator (12vdc - 94amp, 3.15 inch mount, Three Stage Externally Regulated version) installed on a Yanmar JH series engine.

Also this is before an installation of our ZRD designed and manufactured High Output Alternator and Mounting Bracket System. It is available in: 12vdc (50 to 300+ amps), and 24vdc (58 to 90 amps). Full details above.

    For Planning Purposes

First Alternator Dimensional Checks

ZRD High Output alternator 1 and 2 inch mounting dimensions

Click here for the 1" and 2"
Dimensional drawing.
ZRD High Output alternator 3.15 inch mounting dimensions

Click here for the 3.15"
Dual Foot Dimensional drawing.
  First Alternator Replacement or Upgrade Sizing Checks

If possible, send us a photo of your actual engine (front view, side view - alternator side, & overhead view), existing alternator (close up of front, side, overhead, rear, mounting foot) with the actual dimensions (A, B, C, D, R, S) shown below. Using the example drawings on the left, measure your alternator dimensions (A, B, C, D) and clearances (R, S).

•   Dimension "A" is the overall size of the existing alternator from side to side.
•   Dimension "B" is the overall size of the existing alternator from top to bottom.
•   Dimension "C" is the overall size of the existing alternator from front to rear.
•   Dimension "D" is size / type of the mounting foot (1 or 2 inch, or a double foot with 3.15 inches in between them).

•   Dimension "R" is the free space at the back of the alternator until it "runs into" something on the engine - possibly a heat exchanger.
•   Dimension "S" is the space between the side of the alternator and the engine. It is when the alternator (without fan belt even on is at its closest point to the engine as the adjustment bolt slides in the adjustment arm to its shortest length. This position may require a belt shorter than your existing belt if your existing belt is too long or stretched out.
Special Note:
You may compare your measurements against the dimensions of the corresponding ZRD alternator to ensure if you have the proper clearance to do a replacement or upgrade. If you are not sure, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Regulators & Special Products

Max Charge Regulator
Regulator Systems

  Digital Duo Charge
Digital Duo Charge

  Remote Charging using a Digital Duo Charge

wiring overview   Note:

If desired, ZRD will provide a custom electrical schematic (see FAQ link - AC & DC Schematics) that covers the major 12 vdc and 120 vac components. It will show their relationships such that your plans for a desired electrical system upgrade or replacement will be assured and may be easily implemented. Also, if requested, additional components will be included in the schematics to assist future desired plans or expansions. This option, a $680 value, is provided free of charge when a major electrical system upgrade is purchased. Contact ZRD for details.