Consulting Policy and Service


Due to popular demand by a number of our clients, ZRD has added a service to our product line - Consultation. Our expertise covers many areas regarding vessel modernization, improvement, and outfitting. First, we still provide free of charge information that covers your electrical system upgrade or replacement when ZRD provides total system packages.

When your vessel has a need or problem, ZRD is able to listen, sort through the clutter and provide the guidance you may need to steer you in the right direction. This may be for new purchases or actual problems you are encountering. Diagnosing problems is always better on-site and very difficult or impossible long-distance, but with our assistance you may be able to find, locate, decide whatever it is you may need or are searching for. It is extremely easy to use this service via email and phone contact.

Another area that has been requested and finally available to our customers (present and future) that are purchasing new vessels is our ability to act as your commissioning representative to ensure that your vessel is outfitted correctly with the proper equipment prior to purchase, shortcuts or errors prevented during commissioning, time schedules not being met pointed out, and that your contract is fulfilled according to what each party has agreed to. We will be the "buyer's agent". Our only interest is to ensure you are safe, happy, and that the contract's conditions are met. This will cover as little or as much of the process as you need or desire. ZRD oversight of systems will be done as desired. This is available from bow to stern and every item in between.

ZRD offers assistance starting at simple system upgrades of an individual system all the way up to complete vessel refits or rebuilds. The palletized components image ( 1 of 4 pallets sent) is an example of a more robust extensive rebuild.
  Complete Engine Replacement Ready for Export

Customer's Consolidated Freight Shipment using ZRD's Federally Certified Freight Forwarding Service

The pricing for these services is custom tailored and will be agreed to by ZRD and the customer prior to any expenditure of effort or expense by either party. This service is the only non-hard item we offer for a fee. It is available without purchase of any of our other products offered. Eliminate the learning curve of mistakes and omissions. You will learn without the necessity of actual doing. This service will ensure that your buying experience will be a winning and enjoyable one.

Our expertise may be used to assist you as it fits your unique situations. Contact us to tailor a custom solution for situations that arise (sometimes long after after your commissioning has completed) and you may find yourself in. We are always glad to be of assistance.