Replacement Engines

As an authorized Kubota, Yanmar, and Westerbeke engine dealer, we are able to provide you with a drop in solution to meet your needs. You may select to just replace your existing engine with the appropriate model to meet your needs, or have it leave our facility with our 94amp High Output Alternator Replacement installed. In addition, this is the perfect opportunity to have a Second (dual) ZRD 220 amp High Output Alternator professional pre-installed on your replacement engine before it arrives. Once you engine is delivered to your boat's location, all you need do is have your local mechanic (or possibly yourself) install it in your vessel. Worldwide delivery is available. We make it seemless and handle all of the necessary requirements for packaging, export, import, and documentation.

Contact ZRD for a full discussion and evaluation to assist you in selecting the proper Engine Manufacturer and model that will be the correct solution for your needs and vessel installation requirements. Engine specifications may be available upon request.

Kubota Logo

Kubota SailDrive   Kubuta Engine Replacement  
Kubuta Engine Replacement

Above are different versions of Kubota engines (New construction or OEM replacements). The first image is of a sail drive model that may be the solution for some difficult or tight situations.

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  Westerbeke Engine Replacement   Westerbeke 44A before custom modifications performed   Westerbeke 44A with custom double 3-8" pulleys, ZRD 120 amp alternator and adjustment arm  

• 35E Three 28hp - Overview & Specifications
• 44C Four 38hp - Overview & Specifications
• 55D Four 48hp - Overview & Specifications
• 65A Four 68hp - Overview & Specifications
• Wiring Diagrams
Above are two pictures (before and after) of a Westerbeke 44A where a customer took advantage of ZRD's expertise to install a custom built externally regulated ZRD 120amp alternator using a ZRD custom designed (crafted) adjustment arm for tensioning. It is driven by dual 3/8" belts and pulleys. The before photo shows the Westerbeke original installed, standard 50 amp, internally regulated alternator. A close look at the after photo will reveal that the engine PTO also has two additional 1/2" sheaves available for future expansion to drive an additional engine driven accessory such as a ZRD Second (dual) High Output Alternator or a hydraulic pump. Increased output and unique problem solving solutions are what customers expect and receive from ZRD on a daily basis.

Yanmar Logo   Yanmar Most Common, Current Production Engine Specifications
•   3YM30 30hp (22.1kW) / 3600 rpm
•   4JH4AE 54hp (39.6kW) / 3000 rpm
•   4JH4E 55hp (40.5kW) / 3000 rpm
•   4JH4-TE 75hp (55.2kW) / 3200 rpm
•   4JH4-HTE 110hp (80.9kW) / 3200 rpm
•   4JH5E 53hp (39.6kW) / 3000 rpm
  Older Engine Manuals with Specifications
•   3YM30
•   4JH3TE, HTE, DTE 76/100/125hp / 3800 rpm

Manuals for other models are available - Email us if your desired Model is not shown above.

  Complete Engine Replacement Ready for Export  

The rest of the power train     The rest of the power train

Do not forget the rest of the power train.

Above is a Yanmar 4JH4-TE (75HP). It is ready for shipment to Australia. Attached is a pre-installed High Output Alternator TSP (Dual Alternator total system package). It consists of a ZRD ZCW3E1210 (94 amps) High Output replacement alternator, ZCCJE1222 (220 amps) High Output Second (Dual) Alternator, Engine Attachment Platform, and associated Electronics and Hardware.

Note: The Second (Dual) High Output Alternator extends only 6" forward of the PTO pulley and fits within the width of the motor mount footprint.