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Shuttle Pad B & VAB

  Local Take-Off of Global Flyer with Steve Fossett   Atlantis' Last Roll out to Pad at KSC   Shuttle Take-Off   2 Solid Rocket Boosters being relocated at the Kennedy Space Center  

Above (top row) is what we are able to see near our front door. Also, we have special access out at the Kennedy Space Center. As bonus, the images on the second row may be clicked on to view an enlarged version in a separate window. Sometimes, there are even special treats. It provides inspiration to soar even higher than the stars. We attempt to pass this on to our customers so they will have a desire for high standards and quality control in everything they attempt, especially when safety at sea is concerned. Additional great shuttle pictures and video may be seen on the useful links web page.

The first image on the second row is very special - It is one of the last events in the life of the great Steve Fossett. It was the start of the Longest Distance Aircraft Flight. The Absolute Non-Stop Distance Record (any airplane or balloon) from NASA's Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA to Bournemouth, England in 76 hours 42 minutes 55 seconds over 25,766 miles (41,467km) set between February 8-11, 2006.
  milling equipment   milling equipment   milling equipment  

Above is some of the equipment we are able to use in our dedicated efforts to bring you the best there is.

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