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Husky CENTER LINE HD Torsion Weight Distribution Hitch and Active Sway Control Husky CENTER LINE HD Torsion Weight Distribution Hitch and Active Sway Control, 31390 Hitch 4-14K, 31512 Bars 12K, Preset to Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra 1500, but is for all trucks. List $990, Sale $450 plus s&h
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• Evenly distributes weight over axles of tow vehicle and trailer for improved stability and control◦Creates a more level ride for both tow vehicle and trailer
• Built-in sway control limits side-to-side movement◦Tension in the system head and a rigid connection to the frame keep the trailer in line
• Steel-on-steel friction in brackets further prevents any sway that may occur
• No lift chains - eliminate unwanted movement
• Tapered spring bars transfer tongue weight evenly to the tow vehicle◦Heat-treated steel construction ensures durability and flexibility
• Interchangeable with other Center Line spring bars (sold separately) to raise or lower weight capacity
• Noticeably quieter than similar systems
• No-drill, clamp-on brackets can be adjusted along the trailer frame to accommodate frame-mounted items
• Desired head tilt is achieved with traditional washer design◦Add or remove washers from spacer rivet to tilt head up or down
• Hitch ball is pre-installed and torqued to the correct specifications
• Hardened and forged steel components are extra durable◦Powder coated to resist corrosion
• Spring bar lift tool allows you to maneuver the spring bars safely onto and off of the brackets◦Square cutout on lift tool can be used to loosen or tighten the bracket bolts
• Low maintenance◦Only 1 bolt in each trunnion needs to be greased
• Head assembly is made of 2 pieces that come apart for easy servicing
• System includes: head assembly, chrome hitch ball, adjustable shank, spring bars, frame brackets, spring bar lift tool, and all necessary hardware

• IMHO, there is NO better WDH than the Husky ORIGINAL! The Husky centerline ts is the Husky original model with the active anti sway removed to compete at a lower price point with the Equalizer - HINT why bother getting a hitch!! The Husky original model has a hydraulic snubber that actively prevents sway as sway may be initially starting. With the solid bar, the TT & TV are truly 1. his may be noticed first-hand on a wavy oscillating road where the TT & TV move vertically together as one solid unit as the TT & TV are at different heights/angles. There is no comparison as to true UNIFORM Wight Distribution between TV & TT using a solid bar vs a chain. With a bar they are truly linked together as one. Front and rear Roll and traction bars in vehicles use bars not chains. It is the anti torsion feature of a solid bar that enables pure resistance.