Refrigeration Systems

Pictured (below left) is, in our opinion, the best refrigeration system for the average cruiser. With a low power consumption, it is ideal! It's simplicity of installation, maintenance, and warranty make it second to none.

With our standard installation, the vessel has an optional removeable (during cruising) 10 amp 120vac to 12vdc converter (below right) that allows the refrigeration to be run on shore (120vac) power. This allows the refrigeration to be available 24/7 under all situations.

In the center picture (below) is a typical compressor section that has two optional Digital Thermostats installed. It allows the user to exercise complete and total control of their system - set Freezer and Refrigeration Compartments with Independent Temperature settings, Compressor On/Off points, alarms, Fan Controls, ... All may be set with exact digital contorl and values.

Complete Cruising Refrigeration Package Optional up-sized compressor with optional Digital Thermostats 120vac to 12vdc converter

In the following pictures, typical results are shown of our latest research into adding our special user custom fitted insulation. It is pliable with a high density allowing for greater efficiency of your refrigeration and freezer equipment.

Pictured (below left) is, what a typical refrigerator or freezer would look like with the material custom cut and installed against any exterior wall. We also suggest adding a removable cover (shown below right) made of this material over the freezer and refrigerator lids to again reduce cooling loss.

The net gain in reduced electrical consumption will be amazing. It has exceeded all of our expectations. It is a major "win-win" solution. You will be able to run colder refrigeration compartments consuming significantly less amperage over a 24hr period. Depending on various factors, a net refrigeration efficiency increase of 100% (reduce refrigeration amperage consumed in half - by 50%) is very possible.

Typical installation of special insulation inside refr box   Insulation cover over Counter Lids

Note: Make sure you review the link to correct wire sizing under the FAQ section to ensure you do not undersize the wire supplying 12 vdc to the terminal block. Depending on distance, a wire of 8, 6 , even 4 AWG may be required as a minimum to prevent system shutdown on start up due to too high a resistance in an undersized wire. Remember to use a round trip distance when calculating Famps.