ZRD only sells the model 600 series regulators with our alternator & bracket packages.

The Max Charge MC-614 automatically monitors battery conditions and uses up to a dozen individual time and voltage values to optimize battery charging. Enhanced by a 3-digit numeric display, the digital MC-614 makes it easier than ever to monitor a wealth of operational, programming and self-diagnostic info. Selectable programs for six battery types, as well as user programmability make the Max Charge as simple or as precise as you choose. The Max Charge also provides manual equalization, amp manager, automatic conditioning and exercise programs to maintain battery health. The Max Charge monitors and compensates for alternator and battery temperatures when equipped with optional temperature sensors.

The MC-624 provides the same advanced charge regulation for 24-volt charging systems.
Max Charge 614

MC-614 Regulator Manual MC-614 Regulator Manual
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