ZRD Alternator Turnbuckle Adjustment Arm


Pictured at right is a ZRD engineered, designed, and manufactured turnbuckle adjustment arm. It is used ILO (instead of) a standard adjustment arm. It was custom designed to fit our mounting brackets, but will probably fit most applications. One eye has a 3/8 inch opening and the other is 1/2 inch. Locking nuts prevent the adjustment from coming loose. The eyes are supplied Extra Long enabling a customer determined (cut to length) max opening width. After a length is selected, there is apx. 1.5" of adjustment - more than most needs. If you need (desire) more, you need a new belt!

It is not required on ZRD High Output Alternator mounting brackets due to their unique design, but it is a very desirable option for some - especially those with poor hand strength or very limited room. A simple 9/16" wrench allows easy fine tune adjustment of your alternator belt (Dual-V or Serpentine).
  ZRD Alternator Turnbuckle Adjustment Arm   $350 MSRP Price

$275 Sales Price

$24 S & H

$299 Total w/o FL Sales Tax
(shipment to address outside FL)

If Required, $17.94 FL Sales Tax

$316.94 Total with FL Sales Tax
(shipment to a FL address)

* Call for special offer when ordered as part of a High Output Total System Package *

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