Superwind 350 Wind Generators


This is the best and only wind generator to have. It is the first and only one to meet ZRD standards. It is available in 12, 24, and 48vdc outputs. The only option is if you require a mounting mast.

The superwind 350 is a micro wind generator designed for marine and off-grid environments up to the standards of ZRD DC Gensets. They make a perfect matched set. Our experienced staff can help you integrate these components with ease.

Each superwind 350 unit has been specially designed to withstand extreme environments; salt spray, sand, silt, dust, and extreme temperature swings from dessert heat to extreme cold are all in a day's work. The entire unit is comprised of saltwater-proof aluminum and stainless steel - multi-sealed to stay water tight. The nacelle and tail also combine to make a super-efficient heat sink. Even in tropical conditions combined with heavy wind, the superwind keeps its cool. "Tight is right" in extreme conditions. Each unit was engineered with expansion/contraction points that will not loosen and fail.

• Rated Power
• Rotor Diameter
• Cut-In wind speed
• Cut-Out wind speed
• Rotor Speed
• Weight
350 watt
4ft (1.22m)
7 Knot
None ✔
25.3 pounds (11.5kg)

• CFRP 3 Blade construction
• Passive Pitch Control

• $2,399 List Price 12vdc kit
• $2,399 List Price 24vdc kit
• $2,050 List Price 48vdc kit
•    $799 List price SS Marine Mast Kit

• Discounts Available
• Incentives when included in a TSP
• Contact ZRD for full details
Superwind 350 Output Curve
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Superwind 350 Dimensions
Dimensions - Click for Larger view
Superwind 350

• Specifications, availability, and pricing are subject to change