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  ZRDTM is a Full Service Marine Electrical System Designer & Manufacturer (OEM) of DC Generators, High Output Alternators, Brackets, Power-Take-Offs (PTOs) & Pulleys. ZRD is also a Lifeline AGM Battery Distributor">


Products 1:
DC Generators
2nd Alternators, Brackets, & Regulators
High Output Replacement Alternators
Spare B/U 160+ amp Alternator
Balmar 95-210 Alternator
Products 2:
AGM Batteries
    Lifeline (Marine & RV)
    Sun Xtender (Solar)

Inverter Chargers
Specialized Pulleys
Turnbuckle Adjuster
Wind Generators
Solar Panels
Products 3:
Air Conditioning
Max Prop
Supplier to OEMs
Custom Design and Mill Work
Consulting, Upgrades, Complete
    Refits, Professional Svcs

Avoid the RV Industry!
For Sale:
Limited Time and/or Quantity Items
Tools: Wx, H20, & Astro
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ZRD, LLC - Sitemap

FAQs 1:
Why are ZRD Alternators Special
Alternator Sizing
DC Charging and Sizing
Why Choose DC Generator over AC
Rebuild, Reman, or New
FAQs 2:
Alternator Cooling
Belts & Cables
How/Why Regulator Switch
Installing TSPs & Spike Protector
Adding or Adjusting Tachometer
MC Advanced Pgmg-Amp Manager
FAQs 3:
How Batteries Work
Lithium Batteries
    Important Information

Safe Multimeter Usage
Schematics & Battery Bank Wiring
Primary Formula
Wire Sizing
Wire Color Codes
FAQs 4:
Every Boater Items
Electric Boat Discussions
Why Frequency Converter
Increase Use or Accuracy
Extending Max Prop Zinc Life
Reduce Filter Growth
FAQs 5:
Do Homework First
    (Pricing Philosophy)

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Item Availability
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Payment Terms
Warranty, Returns, & Claims

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